Men's Wrestling Spring 2001

Amity Assassins - Team Champions

Chris Durken, Matt Giordino, Mike McCarthy, Chris Timms

Twenty one wrestlers divided into 6 weight classes participated in the intramural wrestling tournament. Three teams entered, amassing points toward becoming campus team champion. At the end of the evening, Amity Assassins took the top spot with 30 points. P1 Kappa Alpha finished a distant second with 14 points, and Sigma Phi Epsilon finished third with 4 points.

Pi Kappa Alpha - Team Runner-up


Individual Champions
Donovan Quimby (123-130.5 lbs); Mike McCarthy (145-149.5 lbs);
Gary Armeen (151-158.5 lbs); Phineas Krupnick (180-184.5 lbs);
Craig Hobel (188-198 lbs)
Individual Runner-ups
Van Betta (123-130.5 lbs); Kevin Stromski (145-149.5 lbs);
David Miller (151-158.5 lbs); Chris Durken (180-184.5 lbs);
Ryan Chevers (188-198 lbs)