Men's World Cup Soccer Spring 2006


Alphabetical: David Artzerounian, Bryan Benjamin, Matthew Collier, Adam Fowler, Erik Franzo, Benjamin Getchell, Joseph King, Vadim Levin, Christopher Lundgren,
Andrew Patriquin

Championship Game Summary
Wales 2, Viciados 1

The championship game between Wales & Viciados began rather quietly. For the first five minutes, the teams traded possession in midfield. Then Viciados struck unexpectedly as Agostinho Lopes played a long ball the length of the field to Danny Thomas who calmly beat one defender and slotted the ball by the Wales goalie Chris Lundgren. Shortly after, Wales nearly tied the game with an Adam Fowler deflection from a Bryan Benjamin corner kick. A Viciados’ counterattack caught Wales sleeping. Darren Davies’s kick in front of the goal was saved by Lundgren. Wales applied some consistent attacking, but fell short with strong Lopes defensive play and stellar goalkeeping from Joel Asong. With just over a minute left in the first half, Wales finally got one by Asong and the Viciados defense. Benjamin scored on a great half-volley just outside the box.

Level at one, the second half became somewhat of a goalie showcase as both goalies produced save after save. Neither team could post a goal as the second half ended. The silver format overtime started as the second half ended with a defensive struggle. The teams fought it out in midfield. With only a five-minute overtime period, time was of the essence. Unexpectedly, Wales’s Fowler shocked everyone with a goal from the sharpest of angles.  Now with Wales ahead 2-1, Viciados pressured to score with time running out. Wales and keeper Lundgren held tough as they battled out the 2-1 win. 


Joel Asong, Francis Awokang, Darren Davies, Hipolito Fontes, Agostinho Lopes, Anton Pires, Jailson Ramos, Jason Rodrigues, Jovy Sarjeant, Evgeny Sarychev, Khuong Thai, Danny Thomas