Men's World Cup Soccer Spring 2002

Dudez a Plenti

Alphebatical: John Bacorn, Benjamin Bradford, Brett DeGregorio, Sean Garell,
Zev Garell, Dennis Grady, Marc Laflamme, Ryan McQuilkin, Keven Senecal,
Eric Schwarz, Joseph Shultz, Daniel Tehranian, David Torchiano

Championship Game Summary
Dudez A Plenti 4, Cosa Nostra 1

Dudez A Plenti earned their way to the championship with two wins in pool play and a 4-1 victory over International A’s in a semifinal game. Their opponent in the final, Cosa Nostra, also took top honors in their pool and had a semifinal win over Cramp United that came down to penalty kicks. In the championship, Dudez A Plenti wasted little time getting on the board. Ryan McQuilkin scored at the 18-minute mark. That was the only score of the half, even though Cosa Nostra frontliners Rocco Corigliano and Jerome Kirkpatrick kept up the pressure. In the 2nd half, the game settled into an even tempo from both teams or... a “tired beyond belief,” as this World Cup action often is.

Then with 8 minutes left, Cosa Nostra was called for a slide tackle and Dudez’s Dave Torchiano was successful with the penalty kick past keeper Jason Butynski. Dudez A Plenti led 2-0. Thirty seconds later, Cosa Nostra’s James Boice dribbled to the top of the penalty area and caught goalkeeper Sean Garell napping to bring Cosa Nostra back to within a goal. Whether that goal awakened Dudez or not, they had “Plenti” of spark left to force some Cosa Nostra defensive clearing miscues and drive home two more goals with under two minutes to play. Joe Shultz and Dennis Grady scored to seal the 4-1 championship.

Costa Nostra

Alphebatical: Karoly Aliotti, James Boice, Jason Butynski, Antonio Cardoso,
Rocco Corigliano, Marek Dutschke, Joshua Freeman, Beret Hyseni, Ryan Jacobs,
Jerome Kirkpatrick, Aleksandar Loncarevic, Joao Lopes