Men's World Cup Soccer Spring 1996


Championship Game Summary
Loaded 4, Manchester United 1

Ten teams entered the grueling, two day Intramural World Cup soccer tournament in hopes of toting away the championship. At the end of round-robin pooi play, four teams emerged to advance to the single-eliniination playoffs. In Pool A, Manchester United was the clear first place team with an unblemished record of four wins and no losses. Opie's Posse, narrowly losing 3-2 to Manchester United, had three wins to capture second place in Pool A. In Pool B, two teams tied with 3-1 records -- Grasshoppers and Loaded -- but Loaded ended up in Pool B's top notch by scoring more goals, thus breaking the tie.

In the semifinals, Manchester United continued their quest for the championship by scoring 3 first half goals to hold off the Grasshoppers 3-1. In the other semifinal, underdog Opie's Posse scored first. But Loaded came right back to tie the score for halftime. The second half was back and forth but Loaded doubled Opie's goals 4-2 to take the game 5-3 to advance to the championship.

Down it came to the best of the Pools -- both first place teams going head to head for the World Cup... Loaded, playing the entire afternoon with only seven players, began strong by scoring four first half goals. John Diamandrous began the scoring with a nifty header past Manchester keeper Pat Shanley. Loaded captain Dave Wilson put another ball past Shanley, and Diamandrous and defender Derek Shea added goals to put Loaded at a 4-0 halftime lead. Both teams appeared tired and worn out, perhaps Manchester United more so because they offered minimal offensive threat and collapsed defensively at the wrong times in the first half.

In the second half, Loaded was still able to maintain a better offensive attack as they put six good shots on keeper Shanley. Shanley came up big and allowed no goals. Manchester's Alex Lee had two good scoring opportunities but was foile4 by Loaded keeper Saban Gagnon. Late in the second half Manchester United, conceding the apparent outcome, changed keepers and put captain Steve Dozois in goal. Shanley had played a good final and a remarkable World Cup tournament. With under four minutes to play, Manchester finally put one past Loaded keeper Gagnon when Mike Garvin booted in a rebound. Hard fought and well deserved, Loaded captured the championship 4-1.

Manchester United