Men's World Cup Soccer Spring 1994


Championship Game Summary
Grasshoppers 3, The Mad Cooleys 0

Six teams entered pool play for the 1994 World Cup Soccer Tournament on a glorious Spring morning. The overwhelming Grasshoppers shut out The Mad Cooleys (9- 0) and Kolovara (7-0) and give up a lone goal to The Risk Factors (10-1) to captured the first place seed in Sunday's championship round. Deez Nuts with wins over Unknowns (4-3) and The Risk Factors (5-2) and a tie with Kolovara (6-6) finished with the second seed.

In the championship round, 5th seed The Mad Cooleys avenged their pool play loss and handily defeated the 3rd seeded Unknowns, 6-1. The seeding held as 4th seeded Kolovara held off sixth seeded The Risk Factors, 5-3. The Mad Cooleys carried their momentum into a hotly contested semi-final against Deez Nuts. They eked out a 2-1 victory to win a berth in the championship final.

The Grasshoppers saw themselves behind for the first time in the tournament as Kolovara took a 2-0 lead in the second semi-final. The Grasshoppers turned up their level of play to tie the game in the second half and scored the winning goal with two minutes left in regulation. In the final game, Grasshoppers reverted back to form and shut out a gallant Mad Cooleys squad, 3-0, to win the 1994 World Cup Soccer Tournament Title.

The Mad Cooleys