Women's Wallyball Spring 2014

Taylors Turtles

Left to Right: Cara Gomes,. Taylor Beaton, Brenna Cole


Championship Summary:
Taylors Turtles defeated Bagheads 21-19, 21-19

The Women’s Wallyball Championship game between Taylor’s Turtles and Bagheads took place in the Boyden Gym Squash Courts on March 6th, 2014. It was a slow start for the turtles as they fell behind 7-3. But a few swift serves from Taylor’s Turtles’ Brenna Cole brought them back within two points. However, Captain Shannon Beaton and the Bagheads seemingly ran away with the game and made it 19-13. The Turtles then mounted a comeback for the ages by scoring eight points in a row to take the first game 21-19!

The Bagheads were the first to score in the second game. They weren’t ready to give up after the tough loss in the first game. Neither team was able to pull away in the second game, which made a for a great ending. With both teams tied at 19, Taylor’s Turtles scored another point to make it 20-19 and match point. A long volley between the teams resulted in the match winning point for the Turtles. Taylor’s Turtles proved that slow and steady does win the race, and the race in this case was the 2014 Women’s Wallyball Championship.


Left to Right: Kendra Lastouka, Shannon, Ashley Higgins