Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2014

Brick House

Left to Right: Michael Fitzgerald, Lianna Tilton, Shawn Emilian


Championship Summary
Brick House defeated Wally Supremacy 20-12, 20-17

The evening of March 6th, 2014, in the Boyden Gym Squash Court Room 86 was the setting for the 2014 Co-Rec Wallyball Championship with Brick House and Wally Supremacy. Brick House held strong in the first game by jumping out to a tremendous 15-3 lead. It didn’t even seem like it was going to be a competition after the first game ended with a 20-5 score in favor of Brick House.

But captain Jianquan Liu of Wally Supremacy wasn’t ready to give up just like that. In the second game, Wally Supremacy was able to jump ahead early 4-0. However, Brick House’s Lianna Tilton was able to rally her team to gain a safe 15-8 lead. With a couple of hard spikes from Shawn Emelian of Brick House, they were at 19-10 and match point.

Wally Supremacy had some fight left in them and were able to rally back to make it 19-17. But this 7-0 run wasn’t enough to top Brick House. Brick House was able to get the serve back and get the match winning point on a hard spike from Mike Fitzgerald. Brick House was able to walk out of Boyden Gym as the 2014 Co-Rec Wallyball Champions.

Wally Supremacy

Alphabetical: Theodore LeBlanc, Sarah Bartlett, Jianquan Liu