Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2013

Bump Buddies

Left to Right: Jacob Chouinard, Melisa Schmiedl, Benny Chavez


Championship Summary
Bump Buddies defeated Gold Standard 20-9, 20-5

With the top two seeds advancing to the finals, the Co-Rec Wallyball championships was expected to be competitive. Both Bump Buddies and Gold Standard had easily dispatched their semifinal opponent and the finals were expected to be close. However, Bump Buddies, consisting of Jacob Chouinard, Melissa Schmiedl, and Benny Chavez proved to be too much for Gold Standard.

The first game appeared to start competitively, with Bump Buddies trading points. However, once the game reached four apiece, the setting of Schmiedl, along with the hits of Chouinard and Chavez, could not be stopped. Repeatedly maintaining serve, Bump Buddies was able to quickly end the first game, 20-9.

The second game consisted of more of the same. Bump buddies jumped out to an insurmountable eight to zero lead and never looked back. Chavez and Chouinard continued to fire hits, playing angles and avoiding mistakes, while Gold Standard grew increasingly more frustrated. The game ended at 20-5, with Bump Buddies displaying an impressive control in all facets.

Gold Standard

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Alphabetical: Jay Gilbert, Allison Hurysz, Brendan Rigby