Men's Wallyball Spring 2012


Left to Right: Rojay Wagner, Sun Jae Song, Michael Spiro, Atanas Gizdov


Championship Game Summary: Smashed defeats Famous Ferbergers 2-1









Famous Ferbergers




Smashed has done it again – they have again claimed the men's wallyball crown for their 4th straight championship. In this intense rematch from last year, the defending champion defeated Famous Ferbergers in another nail-biter. In Game 1, Smashed was the first to strike, as co-captain Rojay Wagner’s bumps, Sun Jae “Phil” Song’s sets and Michael Spiro’s spikes led to three quick points. With great swings from Spiro to spike the ball off of the wall, Smashed extended a 6-2 lead.

| Not wanting a repeat of last year, Ferbergers rallied behind masterful spikes from Ben Gould and Joe Maguire to cut Smashed’s lead to 7-5. A beautiful diving dig from Wagner followed by a clever touch from Song reclaimed Smashed’s dominance as they scored four unanswered points. Despite captain Jim Lau’s great digs and sets to his teammates, Ferbergers was unable to rein in the now-unstoppable Smashed. Spiro’s relentless spikes brought the score to 15-7, and tricky serves from Song finished off game one 20-8. 

They’re famous for a reason. In game 2, Ferbergers rallied behind Lau’s cheers and “Let’s GO!” war cry. Smashed was quick to recover and maintain its strong offense. With killer back-to-back swings, Gould stole the lead in Ferbergers’ favor. This teeter-totter of a game was all tied at 7 when Ferbergers finally found their rhythm. Lau’s near-perfect sets to Gould and Maguire scored Ferbergers four unanswered points for an 11-7 score. In an effort to help his team, Spiro coached from the dungeon-like viewing-area above, “Bump, set, spike, guys!” As if to answer, “How’s this for a spike?!” from his fist, Smashed co-captain Atanas Gizdov pounded the wallyball for a couple of kills, making the score 9-13. More diving digs from Lau extended Ferbergers’ lead to 16-10, but a monster spike and tricky drop shots from Song cut it to 16-12. Despite nice wall spikes from Smashed’s Gizdov, tricky serves from Ferbergers’ Lau and a huge “ROOF” block from Maguire won Ferbergers game two with a score of 20-15 to force a third game to determine the champion. 

Game three began with a massive spike from Maguire for a Ferbergers early lead. Then, Spiro came up big as he scored Smashed back-to-back points with swings that would have made anyone's mother proud. A huge dig from Wagner and a crushing spike from Song brought it to 6-5 with the defending champs on top. Gould’s massive spikes found the open hole and Song pounded it into the wall for a Smashed 9-7. The Wagner-bump, Song-set, Spiro-spike triple threat continued to work well as Smashed increased their lead to 13-11.

Tremendous spikes from Gould and Maguire tied it up at 13 and after two more unanswered points, Smashed called a timeout with Ferbergers leading 15-13. When play resumed, Smashed regained control of the game and scored the critical 17th point. Despite a huge block from Maguire, Smashed won the next two points and led 19-16, just one point away from wallyball perfection. Despite Lau’s ability to stop their momentum and score another point for Ferbergers, Spiro’s spike got the serve back, and Song smashed it in for the championship point to win the final game 20-17.

In winning wallyball for the 4th straight year, Smashed will go down in UMass intramural history as the first men’s team in any sport to win four straight. They’ll be lauded with the likes of Lisa Sherman, the 4-time women’s badminton singles winner of the late 70’s, Hoop Screams, the 4-time co-rec basketball champion from the early 90’s, and Axis II Ballers, the 4-time co-rec flag football champion of the mid 2000’s. Their excellence begs the question: If three wins is a “three-peat,” what is four wins? This reporter believes the answer can be found in one word and one word only: Dynasty. Congratulations, Smashed!

Famous Ferbergers

Left to Right: Joseph Maguire, Benjamin Gould, James Lau, Zachary Wolfman