Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2012

Swat Team

(Back Row): Ricky Flynn, Josh Abrams, Daniel Child
(Front Row): Courtney Bifani


Championship Summary
Swat Team defeats Block Party 2-0

Co-rec wallyball action reached new heights this playoff season, culminating with a hard fought final match. Swat Team and Block Party advanced to the final after winning semifinal matches earlier in the night. Both teams came out of the gate fast. Great defense Ricky Flynn complemented Josh Abrams’s well-placed serves as Swat Team jumped to a 12-7 lead. Facing a tough deficit, Block Party buckled down and ran off four straight points. Swat Team’s Courtney Bifani patrolled the back wall with laser-like focus, handling Block Party’s every attack. The teams battled to a 17-17 tie with tremendous rallies and solid play on both sides of the ball. Down the stretch, though, Swat Team’s disciplined defense and focused attacks were too much for Block Party in game one. Swat Team took the first game 20-17. 

Game two picked up where game one left off. Dan Child proved pivotal early on, sparking Swat Team’s offense with lethal serving accuracy. Swat Team ran off a couple points and built their lead to 11-9. Abrams made great use of the whole floor, finding good spots on his serves and attacks. Combining teamwork and consistent attacks, Swat Team took a commanding 17-13 lead. After several side outs on both sides without any scoring, Swat Team took back service. Flynn took point 18 on a fierce attack, sending the ball to the floor before Block Party could make a play. Block Party would earn a couple more side outs and one more point before grudgingly surrendering the final two points to Swat Team. With a final of 20-14, Swat Team controlled game two and seized the championship. Both teams displayed great sportsmanship and unrivaled intensity for an inspired and entertaining final.

Block Party

Left to Right: Lauren Lamere, Tim Coogan, Soliel Le, Richard Mui
(Not pictured): Jaret Doiron-LaRue