Men's Wallyball Spring 2011


Left to Right: Rojay Wagner, Michael Spiro, Sun Jae Song, Atanas Gizdov













Famous Ferburgers







Smashed garnered a three-peat as the men’s wallyball champion in an extremely close match-up between the defending champion and the hard-hitting Famous Ferburgers.

In game 1, Smashed wasted no time as captain Rojay Wagner rallied his team to 5-1 with great net action from Sun Jae “Phil” Song and defense from captain Atanas “Nasko” Gizdov. Ferburgers responded quickly to bring the score to 5-3 with great serving from captain James Lau. Gizdov’s serving and dominant blocks gave Smashed’s the 8-3 lead. Song’s monster smash increased the game to 11-5, but Ben Gould’s tricky placement and a beautiful block on Gizdov cut the lead to 12-9. Gizdov’s two-handed spike came in handy for a 15-11 margin. Wagner, with multiple diving digs, lengthened the lead to 17-12. Despite Zachary Wolfman’s gorgeous back-to-back spikes for a 17-14 rally, Wagner’s off-the-back-wall saves sent Smashed to a 20-14 game one win.

In game 2, Ferburgers came back with a vengeance and took an early 4-2 lead. With sets from Wagner and spikes from Michael Spiro, Smashed was quick to respond and pushed it into overdrive to take back the lead at 9-4. Wolfman’s net spikes and Lau’s digs rallied the Ferburgers to tie it up 10-10 as Lau’s “YES! Let’s GO!” reverberated throughout the squash courts. Spiro, the Smash-master spiker, landed a couple, but with great hits from Gould and Wolfman, Ferbergers took the lead 16-12. Song’s serving gave his team a 17-16 edge. The teams were deadlocked until Ferburgers broke it open to win 20-17 to force game three.

Ferburgers took an early 5-2 lead with intense spikes from Gould. Smashed stayed in it with a diving dig from Wagner, a beautiful set from Song, and a Smashing spike from Gizdov to tie it up 6-6. Song’s tricky spot shots netted a couple more points, bringing it up to 9-9. Gizdov, truly a force to be reckoned with at the net, gave his team a two point lead at 11-9. Wolfman's and Gould’s hits landed Ferburgers a couple of points, but Smashed kept its lead 14-11. With Lau’s “Let’s GO!” mantra, he marshaled his team to cut the lead 14-13. Wagner’s digs and Song’s tricky shots and beautiful placement gave brought Smashed’s the lead 18-15. Gould, with two obliterating spikes, tied it up at 19. With beautiful placement and serving by Wagner and a monster block from Gizdov, Smashed took back the lead 20-19. Captain Wagner landed the championship point and Smashed won 21-19. Thus, the legacy of Smashed continues. The only question remains is whether they will they take home the title one last time next year.

Famous Ferbergers

Left to Right: Zachary Wolfman, James Lav, Ben Gould