Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2011

Bump Buddies

Left to Right: Ben Chavez, Nicole Moleski , Jacob Chouinard
(Not pictured): Tina Fey, Amy Chaunt, Ali Trusuitis, Jessy Brady


Championship Summary
Bump Buddies defeat The Popcorn Brand 20-9, 20-11, 20-16

Game one of the co-rec championship was led from start to finish by Bump Buddies. Good serving by Jacob Chouinard got Bump Buddies off to an 8-3 start. Tim Coogan made several good plays for Popcorn Brand to get the game close at 11-6, but Bump Buddies used well-placed shots off the wall and some big spikes and more good serving by Ben Chavez to take the first game by a score of 20-9.

Game two was a great effort by Popcorn Brand to tie the match at one game each and force a final game. Popcorn Brand jumped to a 7-1 lead as Soliel Le set up Coogan for several hard spikes. Bump Buddies rallied to close the lead to 7-5. The teams played hard and had a back-and-forth affair with several key blocks and spikes by Chouinard for Bump Buddies. Richard Mui took over the game with great serving as Popcorn Brand got on a roll with great team play to take the game 20-11

Play in game three was again back and forth. Popcorn Brand took the early lead 7-3 with serving from Le. Both teams played furiously from that point with Popcorn Brand holding a slim lead at 14-13. The teams went back and forth with the match tied at 16. Bump Buddies eventually pulled away by using defense and team play to set up Chouinard for three key spikes. Bump Buddies sealed the win and championship by winning the third game 20-16.

The Popcorn Brand

Left to Right: Tim Coogan, Lauren Lamere, Soliel Le, Richard Mui
(Not pictured): Jaret Doiron-LaRue