Men's Wallyball Spring 2010


Left to Right: Rojay Wagner, Sun Jae Song, Michael Spiro, Atanas Gizdov


Championship Summary
Smashed 2, Regulators II 1

The championship match for the men's wallyball season took place after a great season and a week hiatus for spring break.  Regulators II squared off against the defending champion Smashed.  The match got off to a quick start and Regulators II won the first game with a score of 20-12.  After a rule clarification in the middle of game two, Smashed seemed to find their form and won the game 20-14. 

Before heading into the third and decisive game, captains Justin Fox and Rojay Wagner gave their teams a final motivational speech and headed into the court to do battle.  Despite great hustle and effort from Fox, Matt O’Donnell and Jon Chaet, Regulators II was unable to overcome the high-powered offense and technique of Smashed.  Led by Wagner, Smashed was able to win the game 20-8 on great play from Sun-Jae Song, Michael Spiro and Atanas Gizdov. 

Regulators 2

(Roster): Jonathan Chaet, Justin Fox, Derek Healey, Isaac Jimenez, Matthew O’Donnell, Joshua O’Malley, Ethan Taylor