Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2010

Block Party

Tommy Clifford, Sarah Hebert, Elizabeth Delorme,
John McGuire


Championship Summary
Block Party 2, 3 Balls to the Wall 0

This year’s co-rec wallyball final featured two very strong teams -- Block Party and 3 Balls to the Wall.  In the first game, it was Block Party who set the tone early, quickly going up 3-0. Tommy Clifford’s quality serves and Elizabeth Delorme’s solid net play helped Block Party stretch their lead to 7-2.  Nick Hendrick rallied his team to tie and surge ahead of Block Party 10-7.  Back-and-forth play led to a 17-15 advantage for 3 Balls to the Wall.  At that point, Block Party retook control of the game and went on to win 21-18.  Game two featured seven lead changes.  Tied at 10, 3 Balls to the Wall again slowly edged ahead of Block Party and looked set for victory up 19-18 holding serve.  Two straight points from John Maguire helped Block Party secure the victory 21-19.

3 Balls to the Wall

(Alphabetical): Scott Christensen, Nicholas Hendricks, Katrina Kratz, Wei Zhao