Mixed Wallyball Spring 2008

The Ballers

Tyler Barbera, Robert Doane, Alexander Friedrich

Championship Game Summary
The Ballers 2, Balls to the Wall 1

A much-anticipated matchup was the final between The Ballers and Balls to the Wall. The Ballers, undefeated in league play, won the serve and jumped to a 6-3 lead with a stellar save off the wall by Alex Friedrich. Balls to the Wall came back with good defense and serves from Wei Zhao to help keep the first game within reach at 10-8. However, Ballers’ Robert Doane came through with a huge spike to put his team ahead 12-8. Balls to the Wall fought back hard with a solid performance from Zhao to go up 19-18. On their subsequent serve & Ballers return, Balls to the Wall committed an error by putting the ball to the ceiling to even the score at 19. This miscue gave Doane the service. Doane also helped his team with a late-game punishing spike. The Ballers took the 1st game 23-21.

Game two was controlled by The Ballers & their potent offense. Balls to the Wall & standout Wei kept the game close early at 6-5. But, the combined offensive efforts from Doane and Friedrich soon put this game out of reach.  Balls to the Wall tried to come back with good service from Katrina Kratz, but it wasn’t enough, leaving them down 18-13. Once again, The Ballers’ Doane came up big with some hard finishes to seal the match and championship at 20-13. 

Balls to the Wall

Scott Christensen, Nicholas Hendricks, Katrina Kratz, Felicia Tsai, Wei Zhao