Men's Wallyball Spring 2007

Zesty Zebras

Kevin Mulcahy, Douglas Rich, Angel Rivera, Brian Sherman

Championship Summary
The Zesty Zebras 2, Motorola Charging 1

The wallyball season wrapped up with a highly competitive match between Zesty Zebras and last year's champion, Motorola Charging. Kevin Hulse powered Motorola Charging to a 4-0 lead in the first game with solid, all-around play. Doug Rich helped Zesty Zebras erase that deficit with solid play at the net. Powered by strong offensive spikes from Douglas Rich and Brian Sherman, the Zebras raced to a 10-5 lead. Motorola Charging's Nick Slavich tried to lead their team back, but the Zebras held off the charge to take the first game 20-12.

The second game was a different story, as Motorola Charging fought back. Rich continued his strong play up front to give Zesty Zebras an 8-5 lead. Hulse would not let Motorola Charging fall out of the game as he dominated the net in the second game and Motorola Charging won 20-12 to force a decisive third game.

The third game featured solid play from both teams. With Kevin Mulcahy setting for both Sherman and Rich, Zesty Zebras put on a clinic as they jumped to a 10-3 lead. Motorola Charging valiantly fought back. However, a spike by Rich quelled a late scoring rally for Motorola Charging and allowed Zesty Zebras to hold off Motorola Charging to take home the wallyball championship.

Motorola Charging

Kevin Hulse, Nicholas Slavich, Richard Tortora