Men's Wallyball Spring 2006

Motorola Charging

Kevin Hulse, Andrew Kalaydjian, Richard Tortora

Championship Summary
Motorola Charging 2, Dominaysh 1

The wallyball championship was a match between Dominaysh and Motorola Charging. In the first game, Motorola Charging took a 4-1 lead over Dominaysh. It wasn’t long, however, before the score was tied 7-7. Dominaysh went on to score six more points before Motorola Charging scored again. Dominaysh went on to win the first game 15-10. Motorola Charging was ready for a battle in the second game as Kevin Hulse went on to score the first four points of the game with strong spikes and tough serves. Dominaysh was not going to go down quietly as Jeff Sobelli had a strong spike. Colin Richardson hit the ball off of the wall that Motorola Charging could not handle. Peter Warren scored with a nice drop of the ball over the net. The game went back and forth but it was Motorola Charging that took the win 15-8 for the second game. In the third and final game, Motorola Charging took a strong lead, scoring 11 points to Dominaysh’s 3 points. Dominaysh went on to score three more points to shorten Motorola Charging’s lead to 5. Motorola Charging increased their lead to 15 after the ball was served too low for Dominysh to handle to bring the score to 15-9. Dominaysh was able to score four more points but that would be it as Motorola Charging won the rubber game 20-13 for the championship. 


Colin Richardson, Jeffrey Sabelli, Peter Warren, Christopher Worthy