Men's Wallyball Spring 2005

Hungry Hippos

Kevin Mulcahy, Christopher Nikopoulos, Brian Sherman

Championship Summary
Hungry Hippos 2, God's Gift to Women 0

Six teams competed in intramural wallyball with Hungry Hippos emerging as the unbeaten team in league play. Hot on their heels was last year's runnerup team, God's Gift to Women, who only lost to Hungry Hippos in a very close match 21-19, 22-20. Both teams received a first round bye in the playoffs. During the one-day playoffs, matches went true to form for the higher seed as 4th place Hopfs cruised past 6th place Slackers 20-3, 20-10 and lost to the Hippos 20-10, 20-16. 3rd place Obsequions dumped 5th place Dixie Normons 13-20, 20-12, 20-14. Obsequions continued their strong play into the first game of their semifinal against God's Gift to Women but eventually lost 20-17, 20-14. In game one of the championship match, God's Gift jumped to the lead and held on for a 12-9 advantage until Hippos Kevin Mulcahy stepped up to serve. Thanks in part to miscues on service return, Mulcahy served the rest of the game for the 20-12 win. Mulcahy also contributed the game-winning spike with a set up from Brian Sherman.

In game two, similarly to game one, both teams served off the wall to their advantage. God's Gift's Marc Famigletti served his team to a 12-8 lead. The teams traded points until Hippos Chris Nikopoulos took his turn serving to put the team up 19-18. Hippos Sherman then blocked a ball at the net that crushed the championship hopes of God's Gift to Women -- for another year they'd have to settle for runnerup. Hungry Hippos took the match 20-12, 20-18.

God's Gift to Women
(No Photo Available)

Nicholas Castellano, Marc Famigletti, Blake Farland, Christian Koegel, Christopher Starck