Men's Wallyball Spring 2003

Mo's Driving

Brian Betsold, Kevin Flight, Mahendra Ramaiah, Jonathan Tortorella

Championship Game Summary
Mo's Driving defeated Axis of Evil 15-7, 15-5

Defending champion Axis of Evil took the court against 2001 champion Mo's Driving. Mo's Driving began the game with a quick 3-0 run with off-the-wall serves from Jonathan Tortorella. Axis got the ball back and knotted the score at 3-3 until a spike from Mo's Driving's Mo Ramaiah found the floor. In addition to Brian Betsold's well-placed serves to the deep corners, Mo's Driving took advantage of their height by spiking, tipping and blocking at the net for a 12-3 lead. Axis eventually got the ball back when Megan Miller's tip landed untouched. Axis added three more points through Miller's serves and a Chris Strader joust brought the score to 12-6. Mo's Driving brought the game to 14-6 before Tortortella's serve hit two walls. Axis would tally one more point on a Dave Stevenson serve before succumbing 15-7 in game one.

Game two started better for Axis as they jumped on a 2-0 lead with serves from James Jillett. Mo's Driving got the ball back on a missed serve and ran away with the game by scoring 10 unanswered points behind great net play from Kevin Flight. Axis made one last run at a comeback, sparked by a tip from Daniel Devoe that dropped to the floor. Axis's Ryan Sullivan served the score to 11-5 but Mo's Driving found the right combination as Betsold dropped a spike down the middle of the court. Strong off-the-wall serves from Ramaiah brought the game to match point for Mo's Driving. Ramaiah's off-the-wall spike put the final touches on the match (15-7, 15-5) to seal the championship for Mo's Driving.

Axis of Evil
Daniel Devoe, James Jillett, Megan Miller, David Stevenson,
Christopher Strader, Ryan Sullivan