Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2002

Axis of Evil

Daniel Devoe, James Jillett, Megan Miller, Courtney Nagelschmidt, David Stevenson, Christopher Strader

Championship Summary
Axis of Evil defeated Sig Ep A 15-8, 14-9

Axis of Evil, 3-1 in league play, used their entire team of five players throughout the playoffs and sent Sg’EpF, Sig Ep B and Sig Ep A home empty-handed. Sg’Ep A posted a strong 4-0 record and advanced to the final with wins over their house brothers, Sig Ep G and Sig Ep I, before losing to Axis of Evil in the third game of the champion ship.

In the first game of the final, Axis of Evil got off to a dominating start with the help of Dave Stevenson who served a 7-0 lead. Sig Ep A fought back hard before falling 15-8 in the first game. In the second game, Sig Ep A started quickly at 3-0 and never looked back. Andrew Minkoff and Ryan Briskin played great around the net returning everything that Axis of Evil sent over, while Noah Kreitzman served great and eventually served the game winner to force a third set.

Out to a fast and exciting start in the final game, both teams traded points and were deadlocked at 5 before Stevenson, Courtney Nagleschmidt and Chris Strader of Axis of Evil came together as a team and went on a nine-point run. SigEp A tried to mount a comeback but only managed to get the game to 14-9 before Courtney Nagleschmidt served the game winner.

Sig Ep A

Ryan Briskin, Noah Kreitzman, Andrew Minkoff