Men's Wallyball Spring 2001

Mo's Driving


Championship Game Summary
Mo's Driving defeated Winchies 15-11, 15-7

Mo’s Driving used a team approach to defeat Winchies in two straight games in the Wallyball final. Mo’s Driving did not lose a single game during the entire season or during the playoffs as they beat Hitman and Sig Ep II en route to the championship. Winchies went unchallenged through the playoffs, winning two matches by forfeit.

In the first game of the final, the brother combination of Craig and Greg Longo led to several points, but the duo of Arthur Murphy and Mall Belletete fought hard to even the first game at eleven points a piece. Mo’s Driving’s Justin Zerneri finished off the first game by serving four straight points to the 15-11 win.

Playing down a player caught up with Winchies in the second game as they easily fell 15-7. Tom Southworth had the honor of scoring the winning point of the championship for Mo’s Driving.


Matthew Belletete, Adrian Goguen, Arthur Murphy, James Murphy