Co-Rec Wallyball Spring 2000

Trouble and Money II

Michael Freeman, Geoffrey Harm, Phillip Laudano, Darcie Wexler

Championship Summary
Trouble and Money II defeated Rum Raiders 17-15, 15-7

Trouble and Money II, defending champs, marched through the playoffs to their third finals in as many years. While Trouble and Money II breezed into the final, their opponent, Rum Raiders, was stretched to three games in each of their two playoff match-ups leading to the final round. The first game was a heated match-up which Trouble and Money II squeezed out with the score of 17-15.

At 16-14, one of the Trouble and Money players got hurt and the team was
forced to finish the game with only two players. The seasoned experience of Trouble and Money II became evident in the second game when they ran away with the win at 15-7. It was a great playoff by both teams in that each had to knock off some wallyball powerhouses on their road to the championship round.

Rum Raiders

William Anderson, Matt Belletete, Fiona Fisher, Jesse Greenspan,
Megan Miller, Arthur Murphy, Ben Tobin