Men's Volleyball Fall 2013

Brick House

Left to Right: Gabe Diaz Pagan, Mike Wood, Shawn Emelian, Javi Enrique Navarro, Jianquan Liu,
Theodore LeBlanc, Mikey Fitzgerald


Championship Match Summary
Brick House defeats Can Ya Dig It? 28-30, 30-20, 15-11

This fall the men’s volleyball league saw seven teams battle it out for intramural supremacy. “Can Ya Dig It?” took full advantage of its bye in the playoff bracket to play “Brick House” a team that slowly built momentum as the tournament carried on. The teams were set to begin at 8:30PM on a Tuesday night in the beautiful Boyden Gymnasium on court one. The best of three games will take home the championship t-shirts. The first game showcased serves with finesse and fittingly nice digs from “Can Ya Dig It?” while Brick House made sure to finish plays at the net after setting up tough spikes. The first game saw both teams within three points of each other throughout. “Can Ya Dig It?” was able to finish on top by two.

After game one it was easy to tell intensity was rising on both sides of the net. “Can Ya Dig It?” would serve first, however “Brick House” took the first two points of the game to help regain their proverbial footing. Both teams settled in for a very tight match as they went point for point and serve for serve. The score was 7-10 with “Brick House” winning when they began to pull away. “Can Ya Dig It?” decided to stop the bleeding with a timeout when the score read 19-12 in favor of “Brick House”. The momentum had clearly changed hands. “Can Ya Dig It?” tried to get back in a groove after the timeout, but “Brick House” had gone up by 10 points and the second game was over before “Can Ya Dig It?” could mount a comeback.

The third and final game of the fall 2013 volleyball season had “Brick House” serving first. “Can Ya Dig It?” scored the first couple points with a block at the net followed by multiple aces on the serve. Once “Brick House was able to keep the ball in the air they showed great team work by setting the ball for well-placed spikes. “Brick House” was predicting net battles well the last two games, but this part of their game really began to show an advantage during the third game. The score was 14-11 with “Brick House” holding the match point. After an entertaining volley, “Brick House” set up shop in front of the net yet again for a nicely coordinated block at the net to seal the victory for the Campus Recreation Intramural Championship. Good sportsmanship was shown by both sides due to the game being as entertaining to watch as it was to play. Congratulations to “Brick House” on their championship and to “Can Ya Dig It?” as well on a great season.

Can Ya Dig It?
Alphabetical: Ryan Imbriaco; Matt Doiron; Vinny DeMaio; Dan Aker, Sean Serault