Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2013

How I Set Your Mother

Back Row: Jon van Lingen, Sean Brennan, Timothy MacMannis, Michael Barck
Front Row: Shannon Madden, Sara Cohen, Rachel Kurcon

Championship Summary

How I Set Your Mother defeats Blurred Lines 30-24, 30-16

On the eve of Halloween, How I Set Your Mother and Blurred Lines met in a showdown in Boyden Gym for the Intramural Co-Rec Volleyball Championship. After an intense match that went the distance in the semifinals, Blurred Lines looked like they were going to have to dig deep to be victorious. Jianquan Liu of Blurred Lines was hitting some massive spikes throughout the contest and How I Set Your Mother had a difficult time defending him. The Blurred Lines used an aggressive, power style game throughout the playoffs that no one seemed to have an answer for.

Blurred Lines served first, but How I Set Your Mother was the first to strike on a set from Rachel Kurcon and a big kill from Timothy MacMannis. Angie Yau had some nice digs to keep Blurred Lines alive in the first game, but they were unable to keep their lead. How I Set Your Mother was able to keep the pressure on for the entire first game and took it home 30-24.

How I Set Your Mother raced out to a 3-0 lead in Game 2 and never looked back. It seemed that Blurred Lines was physically drained going into Game 2, between a hard fought Semifinal match and an emotional rollercoaster in Game 1.  With kill after kill raining down from How I Set Your Mother, Blurred Lines just couldn’t find an answer. How I Set Your Mother went up 20-9 and Blurred Lines just couldn’t seem to string together enough of a rally to make a comeback. At match point, How I Set Your Mother finished off Game 2 and celebrated their Intramural Co-Rec Volleyball Championship!

Blurred Lines
Back Row: Jianquan Liu, Theodore LeBlanc, Simon Chen
Front Row: Hsisuai Lee, Angie Yau, Karya Bowen, Andrea Chica