Men's Volleyball Fall 2012

JV All-Star

Back Row: Bryce Aquino, Conor Foley, Curt Harrington, Nick Kopsiaftis
Front Row: Nicholas Coutinho, Jia Liangli, Richard Lam, Simon Chen


Championship Match Summary
JV All-Star defeats Baby Bump 32-30, 30-29

It was a windy Halloween night at UMass as JV All-Star and Baby Bump squared off in the Men’s Volleyball final up in Boyden Gym. Both teams were coming off dominating wins in the semis, but still had plenty of gas left in the tank to cap off a double header. Baby Bump came into the match undefeated, while JV All-Star had only one loss which came by forfeit.

The match started with both teams exchanging points featuring a huge spike by JV All-Star’s Conor Foley to tie it at 4 apiece. Baby Bump took an 8-6 lead after a huge block by multiple players. After a great block by JV All-Star’s Curt Harrington and then a hard spike by Foley, JV All-Star took back the lead at 12-11. Baby Bump then surged back and took the lead to make it 17-12 due to great spikes by Baby Bump’s Ryan Imbriaco and Captain Tarek Dahdul. JV All-Star was forced to take a timeout following this momentum swing. Coming out of the timeout Harrington showed to be a defensive force by winning a huge joust and making a few key blocks to make the score 21-20 in favor of Baby Bump.

A few points later, JV All Star Captain Jia Liang Li served up an ace to tie the score at 23. Baby Bump’s Mark Chadbourne returned the favor by serving up an ace of his own to take the lead at 27-26. With the score tied at 28, Baby Bump’s Vinny DeMaio had a huge spike to put his team up 29-28. Harrington came up huge again with a spike then a block in back to back points to give his team the lead at 30-29. Following a huge spike by Imbriaco, the score was tied at 30, which meant the first team to 32 would win the set. Baby Bump fought hard but a net violation caused JV All-Star to take the first set 32-30.

In the second set, Baby Bump came out very strong. Huge spikes from Imbriaco and Chadbourne caused JV All-Star to take a time out being down 9-4. Due to Baby Bump’s early lead, JV All-Star was forced to play catch up. Being down 12-9, Liang Li had a huge spike to cut the deficit to 2. Both teams exchanged points but Baby Bump continued to maintain that 3 point lead despite big spikes from JV All-Star’s Foley and Nicolas Coutinho. JV All-Star would eventually take the lead at 26-25 but DeMaio halted their momentum with a huge spike to tie it at 26. Baby Bump would then take the lead back to make it 28-27 but Liang Li had a magnificent spike to tie it up at 28. Following costly mistakes by both teams, JV All-Star took a 30-29 lead. Following a long hit from Baby Bump, JV All-Star would seal the deal to win the set and match 2-0.

Both teams played hard all match long as it came down the wire. Congratulations to both teams for a wonderful season.

Baby Bump
Left to Right: Dan Aker, Ryan Imbriaco, Mark Chadbourne, Tarek Dahdul, Vinny DeMaio, Matt Doiron