Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2012

Can Ya Dig it?

Back Row: Vinny DeMaio, Tarek Dahdul, Ryan Imbriaco
Front Row: Nicole Boisvert, Julia Volpe, Kelsey Mantoni

Championship Summary

Can Ya Dig It? defeats The Lost Boys and Girls 30-16, 30-20

Led by the big swings of Vinny Demaio and Ryan Imbriace Can Ya Dig It? emerged victorious in Co-Rec volleyball championships. Both Can Ya Dig It? and their opponents, the Lost Boys and Girls advanced to the finals despite only having five players each, due to their excellent communication and teamwork.

In the first game of the final, Can Ya Dig It? jumped out to an early lead, behind the service of Nicole Boisvert and Julia Volpe. The two combined to serve for 14 of the team’s first 17 points. Jarek Dahdul, serving as the team’s setter, consistently placed the ball for kills by Demaio and Imbriace, leading to a quick 17-6 advantage. Despite the effort of the Lost Boys and Girls, they were unable to come back from the early deficit, and fell 30-16.

Game two of the finals saw the Lost Boys and Girls come out strong, capitalizing on the mistakes of Can Ya Dig It? and jumping out to an early 8-5 lead. However, Can Ya Dig It? quickly rallied back, behind the service of Demaio, and took a 12-8 lead. After several back and forth points, Can Ya Dig It? then extended their lead to 24-13, leading to a Lost Boys and Girls time out. However, this did not slow down the momentum of Can Ya Dig It? and the game was soon over, with a final score of 30-20.

The win was extra sweet for several members of Can Ya Dig It?, as they were part of the men’s runners up team, Baby Bump. Both Can Ya Dig It? and the Lost Boys and Girls displayed great  sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

The Lost Boys and Girls
Back Row: Michael Wood, Liana Tilton, Kyle Parrott, Eric Lussier
Front Row: Shaun Emilian, Andrea Chica, Elizabeth Streitfeld, Kyle Florence