Women's Volleyball Fall 2011

Hit Faced

Back Row: Christen Ivanoski, Laura O'Brien, Lauren Pellegrini
Front Row: Erica Omobono, Christine Karlberg, Aimee Jones


Championship Match Summary
Hit Faced defeats HyperActive 2 games to 0

The women’s volleyball match between Hit Faced and HyperActive was a completely one-sided contest. HyperActive came in as the cinderella story, finishing fourth out of five during the regular season. The crowd always loves the underdog. HyperActive had just upset the #1 seed. Hit Faced meanwhile benefitted from a forfeit in their semifinal, so they could rest up for the championship. Hit Faced was the second seed with a 3-1 record.

In the first game, Hit Faced severely crippled HyperActive, winning the game 30-6. Whenever HyperActive made a tremendous counterattack, they would be immediately shut down the next play. Outstanding showings from Erica Omobono and Laura O’Brien each contributed 6 straight aces at one point for Hit Faced.

The second game was a battle. Again, Hit Faced jumped to an early lead for what seemed would be another quick game. HyperActive proved they wouldn’t go down in their final game without a fight. At one point, HyperActive went on top 11-8. Leading the way was Tammi Myrer who set up her teammates and saved precisely placed shots from the opposition.

Hit Faced had their backs against the wall. But every champion has to overcome adversity at some point. The team rallied back with seven straight points with Christen Ivanoski running the show. HyperActive once again retaliated to even the game at 17. Throughout this second game, Arenmongla Imsong willed her team to stay in the contest. Arenmongla came through with a ton of clutch saves and hits.

In the end, Hit Faced proved to be too much for HyperActive. The team found its form again in the latter half of the second game. Captain Aimee Jones ended the match with five straight aces and sent Hit Faced to their first intramural volleyball championship with a 3-=21 final score in the second game.


(Left to Right): Lydia Simmons, Elizabeth Marcuse, Jehan Issa, Aren Imsong,
Anna Burhoe, Tammi Myrer