Men's Volleyball Fall 2011

Lost Boys

Left to Right: David Kaplan, Sean Braley, Eric Sampson, Nick Bryant, William Klunk,
Huy Tran


Championship Match Summary
Lost Boys 3, Male Escort Service 2

The championship match was, if nothing else, fast-paced and tightly contested. Every point required determination and focus with even the slightest miscue giving opponents an edge. Game one started quickly as Lost Boys pushed the pace, attacking with both their serves and potent offense. MES was slow out of the gates, perhaps still recovering from their drawn out, 2-1 semifinal contest. Lost Boys player Nick Bryant led the attack for his team, raining merciless hits down on the MES defense. Bryant and Lost Boys took control early, extending their lead to 20-12 before MES called their first time out. MES looked incensed in the huddle, clearly agitated by their slow start. The intimidating net presence of Cornelius Taabazung inspired a flurry of points as MES staged their comeback. The late push, however, only slowed down the focused Lost Boys, who took game one by a final of 30-25.

Game two was a continuation of game one’s tenacious action. Solid blocking and great communication kept MES contending for each point. Scott Maxson led a stingy defense that did not quit on a single play. On the other side of the net, Lost Boys’ Dave Kaplan facilitated his team’s offense, setting the ball with accuracy and authority. Both sides showed dogged pursuit of the ball, pulling out blocks and digs to the astonishment of the crowd. Neither team was going down easy. The teams were even at 17 points when Lost Boys called timeout to slow down the action. The teams continued to trade points following the timeout and evened it up again at 23. MES stayed competitive with their solid attacks, hitting through the Lost Boys blocks. Lost Boys used their fast-paced offense to attack without respite.

Running off four straight points, Lost Boys seized a 27-23 lead and prompted an MES timeout. Despite their best efforts, net violations and never ending attacks from the Lost Boys front line created too difficult a situation for MES. Lost Boys capped off the match with a 3-point run to take game two, 30-24. Both teams congratulated one another for valiant efforts, exhibiting sportsmanship and camaraderie truly worthy of recognition. Lost Boys’ championship run was a product not only of their good attitudes and positive sportsmanship, but also of their resolute persistence, discipline and unrelenting attack. There is no question that Lost Boys found their way, seizing the championship with hard-fought enthusiasm.

Male Escort Service
Front Row: Jia Liangli, Casey Yuen
Back Row: Tom Orszulak, Bryce Aquino, Scott Maxson, Mitchell Reed, Cornelius Taabazuing, Jeffrey McPherson