Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2011


Back Row: James Lau, Chelsea Paolella, Josh Abrams, Ricky Flynn,
Daniel Child, Arianna Burke
Front Row: Allison Mulvey, Erin Silva

Championship Match Summary

SWAT Team defeated Bump Buddies 30-20, 29-28

The Co-Rec Volleyball championship was one for the ages this year. The matchup pitted two of the strongest teams from UMass Intramurals. On one side we had the Bump Buddies, and on the other we had the Swat Team. Both teams were playing back to back games, but they knew in the end the soreness they felt the next day would be worth that red T-Shirt.

Early in the first game SWAT team began to assert its hitting dominance. Josh Abrams seemed to be spiking the ball from all over the place. With beautiful sets from Danny Child, and great passes by Allison Mulvey, SWAT Team was swatting the Bump Buddies into the ground. The score at this point was 10-4. However, the momentum switched. As Abrams prepared for another spike, it was Gayle Heim of the Bump Buddies who had an outstanding dig that created a chance for Jacob Chouinard to pave his way into the game. He had a big hit that started a rally for Bump Buddies. Bump Buddies rallied to within four points at the halfway mark of game one, 15-11. But then Abrams and an unlikely hero, Danny Child swayed things. Child had a great block on Chouinard that sparked his team. Child was clearly the leader of this team and he inspired his team with his play. SWAT Team went on a run after this piling spike after spike both by Abrams and Ricky Flynn. These hitters asserted dominance, and led the SWAT team to a 30-20 game one victory. Fittingly, it was Danny “the block machine” Child who blocked a spike from Chouinard to clinch game one. The roar of Child after this clincher would have made Simba jealous.

SWAT team was now one game away from what they had worked so hard for. However, Bump Buddies was not going to let that happen so easily. At first it looked like the Bump Buddies were down and out; too tired to continue. They found themselves trailing 16-8 after a couple of exhausting rallies. This is when things changed for them. Chouinard, a captain, called timeout and the team regained composure. They then went on a 6-1 run, where Chouinard, Brian Tafe, and Benny Chavez went to work. Hit after hit they were pulverizing SWAT team. Heim and Becca Brajak made a number of beautiful passes to set up their male counterparts for great hits. The game was tied 20-20, and from here on out, it was going to be whoever wanted it more.

There were over 10 lead changes in the ensuing battle to 30. SWAT team’s Abrams once again showed his hitting prowess by not only spiking it but showing great touch as well. Chouinard answered him with a masterful ace. Tied at 26, SWAT team knew that it was close to accomplishing their goal. Abrams once again took control. With a beautiful setup from Child, off of a pass from Erin Silva, Abrams made consecutive spikes which put the game to 29-28 SWAT team. “One Point Away,” Child told his team as they were all focused. Bump Buddies was focused too but unfortunately for them it was not their time. SWAT team got their glory and euphoria ensued. Child looked like a little kid on Christmas as he hugged his teammates, realizing how monumental this feat was.

The game was a great matchup. It was a game of power and finesse, of skill and wit, and in the end SWAT team showed why they were the team to beat.

Bump Buddies
Back Row: Jacob Chouinard, Brian Tafe, Jessica Gready, Benjamin Chavez
Front Row: Melissa Schmeidl, Nicholas Depierro, Gayle Heim, Rebecca Brajak