Men's Volleyball Fall 2010

Orville Redenblacher

Jaret Doiron-LaRue, Kevin Tierney, Richard Mui, Josh Stacey, Michael Bigos, Tim Coogan, and Ben Murphy


Championship Summary
Orville Redenblacher defeats Male Escort Service 2-1

The men’s volleyball playoffs consisted of three very exciting rounds of volleyball action concluding with the final game between Orville Redenblacher and Male Escort Service.  Male Escort Service came into the match undefeated with a 4-0 record.  Orville Redenblacher had one blemish on their resume, a game against their division rival Tucan Sam who they would eventually beat in the semi-finals on their way to the final.  Male Escort Service also had a rematch from earlier in the season with division rival JV 2nd String and handled them rather easily.  The final featured the two of the most competitive teams from the regular season.

In the first game, Male Escort Service got off to a fast start, pulling ahead 20-9 in the first-to-30 game.  Their hard hitting front line led to numerous points as it was difficult for Orville Redenblacher to return their volleys.  In addition, Orville Redenblacher was consistently missing lines when they had the chance to score in the game.  Male Escort Service, led by captain Bryce Aquino, took the first game 30-21. 

The second game featured a much more competitive vibe, with both teams exchanging points.  Orville Redenblacher, led by captain Tim Coogan, played much better in the 2nd game all the way to a close 20-18 score.  That’s when Coogan and his teammates took over, outscoring Male Escort Service 10-4 and taking game two 30-22. 

The third and deciding game to 15 points (win by 2) was an epic battle between two squads eager to take home the title.  The game was extremely close, with two ties and five lead changes.  Orville Redenblacher jumped to the early lead, leading by as much as 4 points before Male Escort Service rallied.  With the game tied at 14, it appeared that Male Escort Service was in full control with a point to make it 15-14.  Unfortunately, they had to win by two.  Orville Redenblacher scored the last 3 points, winning 17-15 on a dramatic spike.  Congratulations to Orville Redenblacher on sweet victory and an excellent season!

Male Escort Service
Back Row: Bryce Aquino, Sean Arthur, Kevin Ashworth, Scott Maxson, Jeffrey McPherson, Tom Orszulak
Front Row: Mitchell Reed,T im Richter, Gordon Stewart