Women's Volleyball Fall 2009

Jelly Beans

Back Row:  Kayla Murphy, Elisabeth Nelson, Danielle Sabo, Rebecca Lentelme, Karen Li, Helene Taormino
Front Row:  Margret Phan, Angi Yau


Championship Match Summary
Jelly Beans 2, Eggplants 1

When most students on campus were day-dreaming about turkey and football in preparation for Thanksgiving break, there was an intramural volleyball championship on the line within the hallowed walls of Boyden Gymnasium.  The championship match pitted the 5-1 Eggplants against the 4-2 Jelly Beans, who were looking to avenge a regular season loss to the Eggplants.  In the first game, the Jelly Beans dominated by scoring early and often with heavy contributions from freshmen teammates Karen Li and Kayla Murphy en route to a 15-5 victory.

Jelly Beans entered the second game looking to preserve the momentum and make quick work of Captain Courtney Bifani and her Eggplant teammates.  Jelly Beans did not disappoint as they allowed only three points to cruise to a 15-3 win in game two.  With their victory, Jelly Beans could enjoy Thanksgiving that much more while showing off their championship t-shirts to their families.

The Eggplants
(Photo Not Available)

(Roster): Jennifer Ahearn, Danielle Aragona, Christina Basiner, Courtney Bifani, Arianna Burke, Amy Daniels, Amanda Lewis, Anne Papacostas