Men's Volleyball Fall 2009


Back row:  Casey Yuen, Adam Choi, Cornelieus Taabazuing, Ji Liang Li, Richard Lam
Front Row:  Gordon Hoang, Arnold But, Saeng Syvlay


Championship Match Summary
Disqualified defeats Smashed 2-0

The men’s volleyball final pitted Smashed against Disqualified.  The first game began evenly, with both sides spiking the ball fiercely to gain points.  The teams played cohesively with the common callout “I got it” before each hit.  Each team also made sure to set up their team’s hitters while the opposing team would always have at least one person for the block.  It wasn’t until Cornelieus Taabazuing’s massive spike, followed quickly by a block, did Disqualified start to pull away.  Smashed was determined not to let Disqualified run away with it.  With the combination of Atanas Gizdov’s ace and the hustle of the team, Smashed kept Disqualified on their toes.  This wasn’t enough, though, as Disqualified won the first game 15-11.

In game two, both teams came out flying high with back-and-forth volleys.  Taabazuing’s four crushing kills for points, combined with the fake spikes from Sareng Syvilav, kept Smashed completely disoriented.  Disqualified‘s 12-3 lead seemed insurmountable.  Smashed regained some composure and began to come together with good teamwork.  Sun Jae Jong’s kills, diving saves and solid player rotation on the floor helped Smashed get back in the game.  Only trailing 12-7,  Disqualified got their act together and was able to put game two away on an ace by Arnold But.  Disqualified won game two 15-9 for the men’s volleyball championship.

(Alphabetical); Atanas Gizdov, Warren Long, Sun Jae Jong, Michael Spiro, Joseph Traverse, Rojay Wagner