Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2009


Back Row:  Marzia Miletto, Borislava Simidchieva, Amanda Kirkpatrick,
Karlie Intlekofer
Front Row:  Sumeet Pandey, Stefan Christov, Andrew Stout, Ibrahim Uysal
Not Pictured:  Jeffrey Johns


Championship Match Summary
In-Sync 2, Shady P 1

The 2009 co-rec volleyball championship between In-Sync and Shady P was full of spikes, digs and rallies. It was obvious to any spectator that both teams brought their “A-Game” in the battle for intramural champion.  The first game seemed more like a test run for both teams, as they tried to evaluate their competition.  In-Sync scored first, but Shady P quickly scored their next point.  Both teams took turns scoring.  Ultimately, In-Sync’s Boris Simidchieva put a set away to win game one.

In game two, In-Sync stopped playing nice and unleashed their offensive skills. Shady P’s defense was no match for the multiple fierce spikes by team In-Sync’s Ibrahim Uysal. With the help of Uysal’s spikes, In-Sync worked together for five consecutive points. They kept the momentum of the game as well as the lead.  In-Sync ended the match on a fantastic serve that caught Shady P off guard and caused them to double hit the ball. In-Sync lived up to their name as players worked well together to win the match. 

Shady P
(Alphabetical): Sarah Bartlett, Joseph Boisvert, Alycia Hudson,
Amanda Kelley, Steven Kupiec, Steven Malcolm, Thomas Morss, Brady Murphy, Ryan Nemes, James Petersen, Daniel Sessa