Women's Volleyball Fall 2008

The Flaming Phoenix

(Alphabetical): Jing Lin, Zhiyi Sun, Luwei Tao, Yao Wang, Bo Xu,
Wenlu Zhang, Lin Zhou


Championship Match Summary
The Flaming Pheonix defeats Sets on the Beach 2-0

The women’s division wasn’t large, featuring only four teams, but what the league lacked in numbers was made up with competitive play. Flaming Phoenix earned a first-round bye & an automatic route to the final with a strong 4-1 regular season. Sets on the Beach was 2-3 during the regular season, losing a few close games in the third set and playing just about as good as any other team in the league. Sets on the Beach advanced to the final with an impressive win over Team Hawt Stuff!.

Flaming Phoenix, led by captains Yao Wang and Bo Xu, got off to a nice start in the first game and led 3-0 with some impressive net play. Sets on the Beach struggled in the first game and tried to stay competitive with only four players.  Flaming Phoenix put the first game away in decisive fashion, 15-5.

In the second game, Sets on the Beach found an early rhythm & grabbed the first three points. Caitlyn Glowacki and Neda Talebzadeh did a good job controlling the front and keeping Flaming Phoenix off balance with competitive serving. Flaming Phoenix struck back with six points and a 6-3 lead. Play remained competitive from both teams. Sets on the Beach mounted a 10-7 lead, but Flaming Phoenix rattled off six straight points again to take a 13-10 lead. Later, with the score 14-12 and Flaming Phoenix serving, a lengthy volley ended & Sets on the Beach’s hopes were dashed when the ball hit the floor for the match point and the championship. Flaming Phoenix took the championship in two sets, 15-5 and 15-12.

Sets on the Beach

(Alphabetical): Leah Baumwell, Jennifer Curran, Stephanie Cusworth, Caitlyn Glowacki, Danielle Hilliard, Alison Hutson, Kayla McKinnon,
Ashley Pestana, Christina Shuker, Lauren Six, Jennifer Smith,
Neda Talebzadeh, Emily Woodward