Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2008


(Alphabetical): Molly Cronin, Christine Foley, Manneh Ghazarians,
Daniel McComb, Jacob Pearlstein, Rebecca Smith, Zachary Smith,
Carla Stauber, Gordon Stewart, Stephanie Wong, Jerry Yuan


Championship Match Summary
Vipers 2, The Friendlies 0

The co-rec championship with Vipers versus The Friendlies was a highly-anticipated match between two solid teams. Vipers, last year’s champ, surely had playoff experience.

In game one, The Friendlies jumped to an early 4-0 lead behind the serving of Adam Choi. Their momentum was halted, however, when Vipers’ Jerry Yuan, Molly Cronin and Jake Pearlstein displayed solid defense and great all-around teamwork. Gordon Stewart tallied six points to give Vipers a 6-5 lead. The Friendlies took a timeout to try to re-group. After the timeout, Vipers continued their hot play and took game one 15-7. The second game started rough for The Friendlies, but they weren’t going to give up. Viper’s server Daniel McComb gave Viper’s a daunting 9-1 lead. Behind the teamwork of Yao Wang and Sun Zhiyi, The Friendlies managed a critical block to gain possession of the serve. The Friendlies tallied five points behind stellar play from Wang Shaowei to bring the score to 12-11 with The Friendlies down a point. Vipers took their own timeout to settle themselves. Both teams displayed great teamwork and effort, but it was Manneh Ghazarians’s last serve that gave Viper’s game two 15-12 and the championship.

The Friendlies

(Alphabetical): Adam Choi, Tao Chu, Li Gu, Jing Lin, Lei Song, Zhiyi Sun,
Luwei Tao, Jian Tian, Ka Wai Tsui, Shaowei Wang, Yao Wang, Bo Xu,
Guoshu Yuan, Boxun Zhang, Wenlu Zhang, Lin Zhou