Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2007


Christine Cheung, Adam Conklin, Molly Cronin, Caitlin Daley, Christine Foley, Manneh Ghazarians, Krista Koehn, Daniel McComb, Andrew Moore,
Thomas Orszulak, Jacob Pearlstein, Carla Stauber, Dimitri Steblovsky,
Gordon Stewart, Stephanie Wong, Jerry Yuan

Championship Summary
Vipers 2, Sticky Bandits 0

The co-rec volleyball championship was a highly anticipated matchup between Vipers, 4-1 during the regular season, against Sticky Bandits, 5-0 in league play. In the first game, both teams displayed solid mechanics and fundamentals as they volleyed back and forth to a slow start with regard to points on the board (that’s the paint-drying part of serve scoring). The Vipers were the first to draw blood, thanks to great sets from the back row of Molly Cronin and Caitlin Daley and finishing spikes from big men Andrew Moore and Thomas Orszulak. The first game began with a 4-2 score, but that was the closest Sticky Bandits would get. The Vipers ran away with the first game 15-4.

Part of what makes the volleyball season so intense is the best of three format. This gave a light of hope for the Sticky Bandits, who vowed not to waste the valiant efforts of Michael Berlin in the middle and the defensive tenacity of Dana Risso. The second game began much like the first, and would tally a similar result. David Salomon and Jessica Marshall kept the Bandits close in the early volleys against the second line of the Vipers. Stephanie Wong, Carla Stauber & Jacob Pearlstein all tallied points for the Vipers, who once again raced away with the score. Perhaps conditioning got the best of the previously undefeated Sticky Bandits, as the fresh legs and lungs of the Vipers posted points relentlessly to win the second game 15-5 and the match.

Sticky Bandits

Daniel Appel, Michael Berlin, Caroline Flint, Paul Levitan, Erik Mahlstadt,
Jessica Marshall, Dana Risso, Margaret Roche, David Salomon, Justin Seltzer