Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2006

Absolute Playaz

Elsa Chan, Alice Chen, Danny Chin, Tiffany Chow, Keith Harris,
Tarik Joyner, Anhthu Nguyen, Felix Okonkwo, Winnie Tsui, Michael Yu

  Championship Game Summary
Absolut Playaz 2, Kaboom 1

The co-rec volleyball season ended with Kaboom and Absolut Playaz competing for the championship title. An intense three-game match crowned Absolute Playaz champion, but Kaboom, who came in second place after last year’s co-rec championship, did not make it an easy win. From the same league & both at 3-1, when the teams met during the season, Kaboom narrowly nipped the Playaz in three games 15-12, 14-16, 20-14. Both teams won three playoff matches to advance to the prize match. In the final, Absolut Playaz took the first game 15-12. There were frequent serve exchanges and great blocking & spiking for both teams. Absolute Playaz’s Tarik Joyner had some powerful scoring spikes, as did Kaboom’s Tru Lang. Kaboom bounced back in the 2nd game of the match with a 15-8 win. Kaboom’s Krista Bun had some key scoring serves, but Absolut Playaz’s Danny Chin denied scoring opportunities with key blocks.

The second game ended with a beautiful game-winning serve from Kaboom’s Thomas Ortiz. The rubber game of the match was rally scoring and ended with Absolut Playaz nipping Kaboom 20-16. Kaboom began with a quick score, but Absolute Playaz came right back to tie the game. The teams went neck-n-neck for the majority of the game with some powerful scoring attacks from Kaboom’s Jonathan Kou and some target serves and spikes by Alex Fanuele.  Absolute Playaz’s Keith Harris and Joyner led with key blocks and ferocious attacks. The match featured outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship & skill from both teams.


Krista Bun, Matthew Eng, Alexandra Fanuele, Jonathan Kou, Tru Lang, Thomas Ortiz, Kim Vo