Women's Volleyball Fall 2005

Lady Killers

Kathryn Dinsdale, Elizabeth Donovan, Frances Gonzalez, Abigail Harper, Kayla McKinnon, Jaclyn Simoneau, Jennifer Smith, Jessica Szlosek,
Neda Talebzadeh

Championship Game Summary
Lady Killers 2, Hyptoniq 0

The women’s volleyball final was Lady Killers versus HypnotiQ. Lady Killers WBF over Knockout to make it to the championship while HypnotiQ beat Eduardo’s Revenge 15-6, 15-3to earn their spot in the final. Lady Killers served first with a powerful serve that was just too much for HypnotiQ. The scoring went back and forth for the first six points. Lady Killers went on to score six more points as HypnotiQ had trouble getting the ball over the net. HypnotiQ would score only two more times on a serve-out and a side-out as the Lady Killers went on to take the first game 15-8.

HypnotiQ served to start the second game and immediately got two side-outs to put the first points on the board. HypnotiQ scored again to make the game 3-0 with a short drop over the top of the net. Lady Killers got the ball back. Frances Gonzalez served over the top of the net and inbounds to put Lady Killers on the board. Lady Killers went on to score two more points. The scoring went on back and forth for both teams. Kayla McKinnon and Abby Harper came up big for Lady Killers to keep up with Alice Chen and the rest of the HypnotiQ team. With the game tied at 11, HypnotiQ scored two more points with low serves that Lady Killers couldn’t handle. HypnotiQ brought it to game point with a side-out. Lady Killers went on a run, however, earning points with a double hit by HypnotiQ to bring the game to 14-13. Lady Killers served and HypnotiQ failed to hit back high enough to get the ball over the net. At match point, Lady Killers went on to score. Lady Killers pulled out the second game of the match against HypnotiQ 15-8, 16-14.  


Flor Amaya, Hanna Chang, Alice Chen, Pei-Ju Chen, Pei-Chun Chen,
Tiffany Chow, Ming-Fang Chung, Linda Pham, Beverly Strassner, Erica Tam, Kim Vo