Women's Volleyball Fall 2003


Flor Amaya, Takesha Bartley, Alice Chen, Sarah Houghton, Ogechia Ibe,
Jennifer Markey, Erica McQuesten, Beverly Strassner, Erica Tam

Championship Summary:
Hyptnotiq defeated Slammers 2-15, 15-6, 21-19

Hypnotiq faced off against Slammers in a re-match. When these teams met during league play, Hypnotiq won in three close games, 15-13, 8-15, 20-9. Game one turned out to be rather one-sided as Slammers built a 10-2 lead with a combination of strong spikes by Lucienne Alliance-Valcimond and laser-like serves from Darleny Henriquez. Hypnotiq's Ogechi Ibe made a great diving bump to try to get her team back into it, but Slammers won 15-2.

In game two, any thought that perhaps Hypnotiq didn't bring their game was quickly squelched when they opened up a 10-0 lead off powerful, accurate serves from Jen Markey and a wicked spike by Takesha Bartley. Solid serving from teammate Erica McQuesten and a block by Bartley prevented any Slammers comeback in game two as Hypnotiq won 15-6.

Game three featured amazing teamwork from both sides, most notably Hypnotiq's Bartley and Beverly Strassner and crisp serving from Alice Chen. Hypnotiq's lead grew to 12-7 off a number of great plays by Flor Amaya. Slammers, down 9-14, went on a 4-1 run to close the lead at 13-15. Later, Hypnotiq appeared to have all but won it with the score 19-14, but Slammers would not give up, going on a 5-0 run in the rally scoring 3rd game, to tie the score at 19. However, that was as close as Slammers would get as Hypnotiq won the last two crucial points to claim victory at 21-19.


Lucienne Alliance-Valcimond, Alik Apelian, Martine Guillet, Darleny Henriquez,
Myngia Her, Annie Mui, Gelyn Strileckis, Sandra Turcios-Payne