Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2003

Six-Nine MVP

Sara Chan, Rosanna Chow, John Kwan, Christina Wong, Michael Wong, Ricky Wong

Championship Game Summary
Six-Nine MVP defeated Asian Invasion +3, 16-14, 15-8

Undefeated Six-Nine MVP rattled off three straight points to start the first game before Asian Invasion +3 (3-2 in the regular season) got on the board to make it 3-1. Then, Six-Nine MVP's Sara Chan took over as server and, with the help of Michael Wong and Ricky Wong at the net, made it 8-1. Asian Invasion stormed back with Li Fan Wu serving for the 8-7 score. Six-Nine MVP, with John Kwan's help, took a game-point 14-9 lead. Asian Invasion rattled off five straight points to tie the game at 14-14 and send the crowd into a Frenzy. The Wongs finished off Asian invasion by scoring the next two points for the 16-14 MVP win.

In the second game, Christina Wong and Rosanna Chow helped Six-Nine MVP build a 9-2 lead. It looked as if Six-Nine MVP was a shoe-in for the championship, but amazingly Asian Invasion came roaring back. Yuson Wu, Chia-Yi Liang and Li Fan Wu led another scoring charge by Asian Invasion as they scored six straight points to make it 9-8. Asian Invasion lost serve, though, and Sara Chan was due up to serve for Six-Nine MVP. Asian Invasion +3 could not solve Chan's serve. Chan served six straight points for the 15-8 championship.

Asian Invasion + 3

Takesha Bartley, Alice Chen, Blake Kleppe, Chia-Yi Liang, Beverly Strassner,
LiFan Wu, Yusan Wu, Arai Yukari