Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2002

Slapping Some Ace

Christina Lucci, Ryan Maciel, Michael McCluskey, Jonathan Meacham,
Erin Nydegger, Dawn Perkins, Jill Rudnicki, Patrick Ryan, Rachel Sapienza, Alexander Schilcher, Nicholas Schilcher

Chmapionship Game Summary
Slapping Some Ace defeated Latinos Arriba 16-14, 6-15, 24-22

In the first game between Slapping Some Ace & Latinos Arriba, Latinos looked like they’d make quick work of Ace by jumping to a 10-1 lead. But Ace would not go quietly. Pat Ryan served a few winners to put up some points. Latinos’ Misael Ramos made an athletic tip at the net for the 14-6 lead. Game one to Latinos? Not so fast. Ryan kept Ace close with continued good play. With Rachel Sapienza serving, Ace scored seven straight points and stole game one 16-14.

The second game began like the first: Latinos again jumped to a 10-1 lead, but Ace snuck back to 10-5. However, there would be no comeback in this game, as Latinos forced a rally-scoring game three with the 15-6 win. In game three, Latinos lead 3-0, but that would be the largest lead for either team. Neither team could break away from a tie score or one-point margin. Leading 19-18 and needing a point to win, Latinos Arriba gave up two points and the lead. In this exciting finish, Slapping Some Ace wrestled the 24-22 win and championship.

Latinos Arriba

Maristella Collazo Soto, Jean Michelle DelValle, Joycelyn Faraj,
Jose Garrafa, Rinalini Gomez, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Mariela Lajara,
David Liebert, Miriam Martinez, Jorge Perez, Ricardo Puig, Misael Ramos, Jose Rodriguez, Carla Santiago, Ines Soler, Fedrich Torres,
Katherine Totman