Men's Volleyball Fall 2001

Super AzNs

Michael Anderson, Tao Chu, Daniel Eng, Khiem Huynh, Andy Lam,
Richmond Lau, Tin Ly, Gepao Moua, Stanley Mui, Chamrong Nguon,
Michael Nguyen, Rit Da Son

Championship Summary
Super Azns defeated One+Ten 16-15, , 15-3, 15-11

The men’s final featured two extraordinary competitors - Super Azns and One + Ten. One + Ten, 3-2 in league play, jumped to a 6-0 lead with pinpoint serving from captain Raghuvir Bhagwat. Super Azns, 4-1 in league play, got right back into the game with a 4-point run with strong kills from Rit Da Son to bring the game to 6-4. Later, with the game seemingly out of reach with One + Ten leading 14-9, Super Azns captain Andy Lam saved game point with a big spike. Super Azns then attacked the front line of One + Ten, exploiting any weakness they could find until, on a kill from Lam, Super Azns won game one 16-15.

Game two saw much of the same great volleyball from both teams only this time One + Ten controlled the game. Captain Puru Kulkarni played exceptional defense, diving for as many as three balls in a row to keep Super Azns at bay to secure a 15-3 victory in game two. Game three was close all the way with each team exchanging points and serves. Finally, with the score knotted at 11, Super Azns Gepao Moua began a barrage of spikes that could not be defended and brought the score to 14-11. In one last effort, One + Ten’s Reddy Kichhanagari’s spike attempt to spike went awry, the ball sailed long out of bounds, and Super Azns took the third game 15-11 to be crowned champion.

One + Ten

Raghuvir Bhagwat, Saurabh Chheda, Daniel Figueiredo, Michele Garetto, Reddy Kichhanagari, Vyaskumar Krishnamurthy, Purushottam Kulkarni, Santosh Perumbadi, Sadbhaw Natu, Ramaswamy Sankaranarayanan, Pritesh Sharma, Krishna Valluru, Sudarshan Vasudevan