Co-Rec Just Fun Volleyball Fall 2001


Nicole Baier, Marjorie Carney, Bard Hajrizaj, Katherine Iacovella,
Hadley Jensen, David Kayserman, Amanda Mazzarella, Lauren Perry, Stephen Roche, Derek Rosata, Edward Smith

Championship Summary
Q-Town defeated Scooby Doo 10-15, 16-4, 15-11

Evenly matched Q-Town and Scooby Doo faced each other in league play with Scooby narrowly winning the 3-setter 10-15, 16-4, 15-11. In the final, Scooby scored first, but the tide quickly turned behind Q-Town Lauren Perry’s service aces. Scooby Doo got the ball back with court leadership from George Mulry who made athletic play after play. However failure to convert their possessions into points widened the scoring gap to resulty in Q Town’s 15-7 game one win.

In game two, the tone was set early with captain Ed Smith’s spike. Keeping pace with Q-Town, Mulry served his team back to a one-point deficit at 8-7. Down the stretch, though, Katie lacovelia’s spikes and her teammates efforts were the difference in the identical 15-7 game two score for the Q-Town “Just Fun” victory.


Stefanie Andriski, Kristen Brandt, Timothy Collins, Lindsay Ellis,
Michael Glashow, Mark Goldman, Simon Hildt, Elizabeth Landi,
George Matsumoto, George Mulry, Kathryn Roy, Lauren Simmons,
Emily Sterzin