Women's Volleyball Fall 2000


Sarah Billings, Alexia Cota, Erin Driscoll, Aimee Ducharme, Stacey Everly, Erika Gentuso, Melissa Klepper, Jen Lak, Jill Levandoski, Jessica Markle, Sara Nelson

Season Summary

Knowiton finished tied for first in the womens volleyball division with the Bandaids. In the playoffs, Knowlton jumped right to the championship, thanks to a first round bye. In the other women's playoff match between Bandaids and Electric Fuzz, the Fuzz knocked off Bandaids in straight games, 15-5, 15-5, to gain a berth in the final versus Knowlton.

During league play when these two teams met, Electric Fuzz downed Knowlton in a hard-fought match that went three games: 10-15, 15-10, 15-7. A rematch of these two teams was not to be, however. Electric Fuzz was a no-show for the final and Knowlton, disappointed not to have had the chance to play, captured the women's championship by forfeit.