Men's Volleyball Fall 2000

Bomb Squad

Brian Betsold, Michael Johnson, Craig Longo, Greg Longo, Matendra Ramaiah, Brewster Renn, Thomas Southworth, John Szolomayer

Championship Summary
Bom,b Squad defeated Campus Pimps 15-10, 15-13

This year's final pitted two agile and strong teams - Bomb Squad and Campus Pimps, against each other in an exciting matchup. Bomb Squad started game one with a 2-0 lead. Campus Pimps put an end to that with two points to tie the game. With game one knotted at 2, Bomb Squad began a 4-point run led by Tom Southworth. After battling back and forth with missed serves and Squad's strong defense, Campus Pimps trailed 10-2. A 5-0 run by Campus Pimps brought the game to 10-7.

Both teams traded scoring spurts and serves until, with the score 14-10, Campus Pimps server Rathanak Lee lost the serve and Bomb Squad took the game 15-10. Fresh off their game one victory, Bomb Squad jumped to an early lead that they would never lose. Bomb Squad's 47% team hitting average (up from 43% in game one) and excellent blocking (20% in game two), left Campus Pimps feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Bomb Squad's all-around steady court coverage and cohesive team play lead to a game two 15-13 victory and the men's championship.

Campus Pimps

Luke Aiton, David Bergmann, Kenny Chan, Kwok Chan, Sean Chen,
Kit Hay Lee, Rathanak Lee, Tin Ly, Farhad Meskoob, Jason Robertson,
Dan Wu, Eric Yu