Women's Volleyball Fall 1999


Championship Summary
Kamikaze's defeated Giants 15-1, 1

For a second straight women's intramural championship, the final game was not played and the campus champion was decided by forfeit. Kamikaze's were crowned volleyball champion-by-forfeit over Jolly Green Giants. Kamikaze's, a team of "free agents," were 4-0 during league play and dominated opponents to such an extent that no team was able to score more than 2 points in any game of any volleyball match. When Kamikaze's and Jolly Green Giants met during league play, Kamikaze's won easily 15-1, 15-1.


(Photo not available)

Stefanie Colley, Mary Cummings, Sarah Garber, Alison Hosman, Lisa Juden, Stacey Kazinskas, Heather Lydon, Holly O'Halloran, Mary Sullivan, Joanne Ward