Men's Volleyball Fall 1999

Sigma Alpha Mu

Championship Summary
Sigma Alpha Mu defeated Great Wall 5-11, 15-12, 16-14

This year's final was a dazzling display of finesse, power and intensity from the opening serve to the final point of the match. In game one and tied at 5-5, SAM's Jason Gordon pushed the lead to 8-5 with 2 kills. Gordon had 9 kills for the match. Great Wall fought back and went ahead 12-9, led by the powerful net play of Kenny Chan who had 8 kills for the match. Great Wall took the first game 15-13.

In game 2, Great Wall went up 3-0 and seemed to have the championship in sight leading 11-5. But, with scrappy defense and determination, SAM fought back to tie the game at 12. Plagued with unforced errors and miscommunication, Great Wall seemed to lose concentration. SAM'S Jason Reesey served 2 aces and SAM won game two 15-12.

In the rubber game, SAM clearly had momentum and jumped to an 8-0 lead. Great Wall fought back to trail 12-7. The score went back and forth to match point for Great Wall. In repeating as volleyball champs, SAM fought off 9 match points and finally won the third game 16-14 with another service ace.

Great Wall

Kenny Chan, Ricky Chan, Norman Cheung, Sean Chen, Guobin Kuang,
Kit Hay Lee, Rathanak Lee, Sidney Ma, William Ng, Eric Yu