Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 1999

Master Blasters

Championship Summary
Master Blasters defeated Chachi 10-15, 15-5, 15-5

Defending champion, Chachi took on Master Blasters in a rematch of last year's championship game. Blasters started out strong with an ace from Martin Lindberg, and went to a 3-2 lead. Strong serving made a difference for the defending champions. Jason Bobowski later served an ace followed by 3 more points to take the lead 7-5.

When the scored was tied 10-10, Bobowski served 4 straight points. After 3 sideouts, Chachi pulled out the win in game one 15-10. Blasters came back strong in the second game, with Sophia Reid serving 7 straight points. Chachi stayed tough and scored 5 points but, with some nice kills from Josh Greenwald, Blasters took the match to a third game with a 15-5 win in game two.

Pontbriant started the third game with a kill and a 1-0 lead for Chachi. Blasters took over with Lindberg serving 12 straight points. Chachi played hard defending their title, but Blasters never let up. After a kill from Holly Briggs and a nice block from Greenwald, Lydie Anne Manisse served at match point for a 15-5 win to take the championship.


Jason Bobowski, Holly Briggs, Leslie Gnadinger, Jason Pontbriant, Jessie Shaw, Kenee Shaw, Philip Prifti, Kevin Rich