Women's Volleyball Fall 1998

Cider Jackies

Championship Game Summary
Cider Jackies defeated H.E.N.R.I. 15-12, 15-4

In game one, Cider Jackies took an early 3-1 lead but were soon tied 4-4. Kim Lu served four consecutive points to give H.E.N.R.!. an 8-5 lead. Colleen Hopkins took Lu’s feat to another level, serving 8 points to give Cider Jackies a 13-9 lead. A few rallies later, Cider Jackies emerged victorious 15-12.

Hopkins started the scoring in game 2 by once again serving 8 straight points. Andrea Loomis answered back with 4 straight to cut the lead to 8-4. Laurie Hata extended the Cider Jackies lead to 10-4. Laura Rottler decided to finish the game on her serve with 5 straight points and a 15-4 victory. CiderJackies won the match in 2 games 15-12, 15-4.