Women's Volleyball Fall 1997


Championship Summary
Volleygirls defeated Strike-O 15-8, 15-5

Volleygirls went undefeated during the regular season, including a 15-1, 15-6 victory over their counterpart in the volleyball championship, Strike-O. Strike-O was 3-2 in league play.

In game one, Kim Buehrle of Volleygiris quickly put her team into the lead by scoring the first point off her serve. After two sideouts, Volleygiris’ Cammy Wong met little resistance as she rattled off seven straight points with her serve to give her team a commanding eight-point lead. Credit the strong net play of Strike-O’s Tara Wainwright and Katie Anderson in helping their team to stay close. However, the Volleygirls serving was too potent and they took the first game 15-8.

In game 2, Strike-O jumped to a 3-0 advantage, but the lead didn’t last very long. Volleygirls’ Diana Rosenberger’s serve went unchallenged for seven straight points. Even with Volleygiris misplays and sideouts, Strike-O was not able to earn points off their serve. With the Volleygirls up 12-5, Cynthia Lam served her team the 15-5 second game victory and the championship.